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Non-Personal Information

We collect statistical data and other analytical information from our visitors in the form of cookies. Non-personal data consists of information which cannot be used to tace an individual person. Information collected includes location, time zone, device and data concerning how you navigate our website. We use Google Analytics and Hotjar to evaluate how visitors access and use our site. With this information, we compile reports on website activity and internet usage.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a text file that saves information while users are surfing the net. Cookies are used to augment users' browsing experience. Basically, this is done by remembering specific interests and saving past-selected preferences.

We use cookies to collect non-personal information with regard to your activity on and track things such as your type of browser, our pages you visited and timings of your visit.

It is good to know that cookies can be disabled by altering your browser settings and clearing cookies. That said, if you disable cookies you may not be able to use the full functionality of this site. By accepting our cookie disclaimer button, you are automatically giving consent to the processing of data for the reasons set out above. Please note that we will never disclose or resell collected cookie information to third parties.

Types of Cookies

Cookie Permission is what you need to accept when accessing our site for the first time and when no existing cookies have been saved. Cookies used on can be divided into the categories listed below:

Session cookies - are used when you are navigating our website. We need these type of cookies for our website to function at its optimum level and in an accurate manner. Such cookies will be deleted once you close your browser. If you opt out of these cookies, your user experience might not be optimal. 

Functional cookies - remember your preferences and settings. These kind of cookies are used as a foundation for making customised adjustments of the information we present to you on our website. When you re-visit our site, our platform will recover cookie information cookies to help improve your user experience.

Analytic cookies - keep non-personal information about vists to our website visits and user behavior. This information is used for internal statistical analysis of our website to examine trends, enhance experience and pinpoint technical issues. It is important to remmber that none of the information collected through these cookies can be used to identify an individual person.

Find Out How You Can Manage Your Cookie Settings

The vast majority of internet browsers let you manage your cookie preferences and you can find options to refuse or delete certain cookies within your browser settings. Kindly note that if you choose to block cookies, your browsing experience at could be negatively affected. If you would like to read up on more information about how to manage cookies, we suggest you to click here

Changes to Our Cookie & Privacy Policy

Our Cookie & Privacy Policy may be updated every so often and any such changes will be posted to this page accordinly. Please note that we do not use cookies for any other purposes other than what is stated in the above explanation and we will never share cookie or personal information with third parties.

Date last updated:16th October 2018



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